Tuesday, August 20, 2013

grocery bags

I can't remember when the whole save the earth, in your face,  movement started happening but I do know I have about half a dozen (probably more) of those re-usable grocery bags. Friends of mine have them, family members, and people I don't know have re-usable bags.  A few stores have even stopped using plastic bags so you're forced to help save the earth and get a re-usable bag. Some people have really fancy ones or ones from Target, Trader Joe's, you get my point. Recently I acquired this one. It's a Donate Life re-usable bag. The bottom right reads "reuse." GENIUS if you ask me. 

I'm always telling people, reduce, reuse, recycle. This should not only apply to our paper products, plastic bottles, soda cans but that it should also apply to our organs. If I'm dead what the flip am I going to do with my organs? I'd love it if I was able to help save a life just like our donor saved Kevin and maybe other lives for all we know. It's something to think about and something to share with your friends and family members.

I've checked off the box that says yes to donating my organs, have you?