Tuesday, July 2, 2013

this time of year

This fourth of July will mark two years since Kevin got the call for a new heart.

The fifth of July will mark two years post heart transplant for Kevin. 

This time of year not only reminds me of how grateful I am but it also reminds me of a time when our friends and family stood by us through the storm. The family that gave themselves so freely to us in our time of need. This time of year I get very sentimental and emotional. I play back that phone call, those feelings, the drive to the hospital, the waiting, the joy. When I flip through the clothes in my closet I always stop at the red shirt I wore that day. I can’t help it. I’m surrounded by memories that I get so caught up in smiling at them all.

This time of year always reminds me of how much I appreciate my friends. In particular, those that were with me in the waiting room, the princess blanket that kept me warm, the ones that held my hand, the phone calls, the text messages, those who didn’t think I was crazy when I asked “do I look OK? Do I need more lipstick?” They knew my reasoning. The ones who spooned me, fed me when my hands were too tired to pick up the fork, and those who are still my very closest friends today.

This time of year reminds me that generosity of ones self comes in many different forms. For this, I am grateful. Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for my husband's heart. My children and I are thank you from the bottom of our hearts.