Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chocolate chips

Everyone that follows my blog knows one of our kids has severe food allergies. It's totally manageable and now that he's older, he understands he can't eat certain things. It's much easier keeping him away from certain foods at 6 1/2 years old vs when he was 18 months old. With that said, there is one brand of chocolate chips that I can use when baking... "Enjoy Life." I usually buy them at my local Target. Anyway, the past month my local Target didn't have them in stock. And as it would happen, my child was asking for chocolate chip cookies. I quickly put my core group of twin mamas into action, asking them to keep an eye out at their local Target. Within a week I had some Enjoy Life chocolate chips. I have the best friends EVER and was so grateful to my friend for finding them. Cookies were made the same day with the entire bag of chocolate chips.

I was having a bad day recently (after I made cookies the day prior) and I get this perishable package in the mail. I open it to find I've hit the jackpot in Enjoy Life chocolate chips! There was no card...sneaky friends of mine. Once I discovered who it was I couldn't have been more grateful to her for a variety of reasons.

1. her thoughtfulness
2. she told me I was a great mom for wanting to make home-made chocolate chip cookies
3. she made me smile on the outside and inside
4. she reminded me that all bad days are easily cured with chocolate

Having so many chocolate chips on hand I got to thinking....hmmm, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate = s'mores! Our kids have never had one. I had all of the ingredients. Yes, I had a bag of marshmallows in my pantry. I melted an entire bag of chocolate chips, poured it into a flat container, and popped it in the fridge overnight to make individual chocolate pieces the size of graham crackers.

The next night Kevin got the fire pit going in the backyard, we were all bundled up....yes, we live in Los Angeles and we were bundled up. It was 60 degrees outside, don't you bundle up once it gets that cold? The kids were beyond excited to be up past their bedtime. It was family time in the backyard with chocolate involved. I went inside to grab everything for the s'mores and saw the chocolate chip bag sitting in my fridge. There it was staring at me.... Enjoy Life. I paused for a brief second and smiled. My chocolate was telling me to enjoy life. Love it. And we all loved those s'mores.

Now get out there and enjoy your life. You only get one try but if you're living post transplant or part of a family that is, it's like getting a second go at life. So eat chocolate, spend time with your family, hug your kids, find time to play, believe in yourself, and love.

The memories that were created this past weekend wouldn't have been possible without our donor family. Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for giving my husband the gift of life.

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