Friday, April 19, 2013

National Donate Life Blue & Green Day

Today, April 19, is National Donate Life Blue & Green Day. People all around the nation are wearing blue and green to support Donate Life. My friends and family are taking pictures of themselves wearing blue or green and posting it on facebook. The ongoing support from them is overwhelming. 

Just this morning I was scrolling through my facebook home page feed and saw Help Hope Live post the picture below. Staring at it I was moved to tears because after all , it's true. Over 118,000 people are indeed waiting for a life saving transplant. But let's also remember the very harsh fact that some lose their battle waiting. 

This blog entry is in memory of my husband's donor and his family, because without their generosity to donate life, my little family of four wouldn't be living post transplant. It's in memory of all the donor families across the nation who said yes to organ donation. It's in honor of the living donors. Your generosity is beyond amazing.

This blog entry is also in memory of the people that lost their battle waiting and it's in honor of the families attached to them. I've never known anyone very close to me who lost their battle waiting until just recently. I still cannot fathom it all. Words like unfair come to mind. My dear friend, a fellow LVAD caregiver,  lost her loved one. Since it happened I have been without words. There's so much I want to say but I can't put it into full sentences. I can only say this:

"In honor of you Joe, the original warrior, and his wingman, Jenny. We will love you forever and you will never be forgotten. Always by your side."