Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Breaking Bad!

Breaking Bad.  Anyone watch this show? This show is great for so many different reasons and on so many different levels.

 Kevin and I started watching Breaking Bad when The Walking Dead went on their mid-season hiatus. So many friends were watching it and we wanted IN!

Recently I was convinced the Breaking Bad RV was parked out on one of our local streets. I thought our neighbor was Hank Shrader when I saw him driving his new car...just like the one Hank drives in Breaking Bad. I'm just extremely impressionable when it comes to really good TV...just the other night I was dreaming that I was running from the Mexican cartel. I'm dead serious. I was driving and Jessie Pinkman was in the passenger seat calling Mike to help get US out of a pickle. Funny, right?

Anyway, my point is that while watching this show with Kevin we actually had more than a few interesting conversations afterwards. We totally related with Walter and Skylar. One episode in particular Skylar assumed Walter wanted to go through with chemotherapy when he didn't. Those couple of weeks when Kevin was unsure about transplant. Think about it...a surgeon takes out your heart & just simply puts in a new one. Not so simple, just like chemotherapy. Skylar taking care of the Mr. Insurance matters. It for sure struck a chord with me. More recently the whole Hank and Marie bit. I so related with Marie dealing with Hank at home somewhat helpless. Although we had two sets of parents hovering over us. Sure it was a short time but Hank's anger towards Marie and the bullshit as a caregiver that she dealt with from Hank....holy crapballs I thought it was December 2010 in our house.  And when I say that I will totally admit that while I dealt with caregiver bullshit...Kevin had to deal with me, the two sets of parents hovering, AND learning how to live all over again, all with a smile on his face. [insert us also raising twin 4 yr olds here] He was the one in the precarious situation and only wanted me to do certain things until he was able to do them on his own. The things I had to do - I never imagined I'd be doing them for my husband in his 30's...maybe in his 70's...and I'm certain he felt the same way.

Again, never in a million years did I expect to be so attached emotionally to Breaking Bad. And why the hell didn't I think of making crystal meth??!?!??!?!?!!! Oh right, I failed chemistry, biology and anything that ended in an ology. Dammit!

If you can't hold on, ROCK ON.
And just thinking about some of the other episodes that had a huge affect on me. Everyone has a breaking point. Everyone. Whether you break bad or not... that's your decision. We just started season five and yes, Jonathan, from now on I"m holding on, sweat pouring off my face, with my heart beating in my throat excited to see what happens next.

Breaking Bad... does it really have to end in season five?