Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

an observation

Yesterday my little family of four had a terribly normal day. I'm in no way complaining about it, just merely making an observation. We've been living the very normal life lately and just yesterday I realized how much this makes me happy and how much our kids deserve normal.

People have always said to me that our kids won't remember a thing and boy let me tell you.... they couldn't have been more wrong. Now having said that, I hope when they get older  the painful memories of this journey are outweighed by memories of everyone that surrounded us. The family and friends that carried us, the triumphs, and the quality family time (no matter how short or long in the hospital) we insisted upon, the goodnight facetime moments, the hugs, and the life lesson that "giving up is never an option."

Back to yesterday....Kevin hung the Christmas lights up on our house. I took the boys to a birthday party at the park. We all went to Travel Town to visit the "real"Santa Claus and ride the Travel Town train. We finished the night at home with hot cocoa, marshmallows and a bedtime story of "Llama llama red pajama." You see what I'm talking about? Normal.

Looking at the picture below makes me smile inside and out. It also reminded me  about the generosity of another family. Whoever you are, wherever you are.....thank you for saying yes to organ donation. And thank you for my husband's new heart.

Register to be an organ donor today. Donate Life