Friday, November 23, 2012


Time certainly goes by fast. This is becoming more apparent to me now that our boys are 5 1/2 years old. When did that happen? Just yesterday they were babies, right? Today they want to help save the ocean and their baby teeth are falling out. Kevin asked one of them last week "when did you become so grown up? Slow down a bit." My son's reply was that he couldn't because food helps him grow.

You know Thanksgiving has always been a special day. One of my favorite holidays. It feels like a fresh start is approaching. In our house two years ago, Kevin was discharged from Cedars, his first tour.  While our lives had dramatically changed and new challenges were upon us, we never lost sight of those simple things.....which brings me to yesterday's day of gratitude. A very happy Thanksgiving indeed. Sleeping in later than usual because the boys were playing quietly together. A hot cup of coffee soon followed by a hot shower with no rush to hurry up and go somewhere. The smell of my juniper brined turkey in the oven. The chance to sit and enjoy the company of good friends. Edible napkin rings. Sweet potato pie. Being together under one roof.

I hope that everyone I know and those I don't know had a Happy Thanksgiving and also had the chance to enjoy the simple things. Whatever your simple thing is, enjoy it and be grateful for that moment in time.

my little family of four

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