Monday, November 19, 2012

southern California

Is it weird that I'm thankful for southern California? Sure, I've had a love/hate relationship with where we live BUT on days like today I'm reminded why I love living in southern California. 

Presently I'm sitting outside on our patio, sun is shining, drinking French press coffee, all while watching my kids play football in the backyard. And winter is supposedly approaching? Bring it on.

Our boys were born here and southern California is the only home they know. My little native Californians, my beach lovers, actually want to learn how to surf. I love it. 

Yes, both our families might live 3000 miles away but we've been here so long that we've made friendships with people who we also consider family. Do we miss our families back east? Yes, but they understand our place is here. Besides, Apple has made it easier with iChat and Facetime to visit with our families whenever we want. 

Southern California is also home to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. It's where everyone that had a hand in saving Kevin's life works. It's where he was given a second chance at life, where so many triumphs along this heart journey were had. I am ever grateful for Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Their staff is the best of the best. 

So for today, I am indeed grateful for the choice Kevin and I made to live in southern California. 

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