Saturday, November 3, 2012

modern medicine and science

Is it coincidental that on day three of November I'm grateful for modern medicine and science? Because without it, the three men in my life wouldn't be here. I'm referring to the love of my life, Kevin, and our twin boys whom I often refer to as "the monks."

Modern medicine and science has not only given me a family but it also saved my family.

can't imagine life without him.
this pic taken post heart
Let's start with Kevin. After he had heart failure his doctors implanted an LVAD, left ventricular assist device, into him. This piece of equipment, regardless of how challenging our lives were, gave Kevin that bridge to transplant. The LVAD gave Kevin nine extra months until a new heart was available for him. Of course I'm thankful for it. The LVAD is implanted in not only hundreds of others, but thousands. It's designed to basically give your heart a rest and in some cases if your heart heals, it gets taken out. In Kevin's case, it was used as a bridge to transplant. In others it's used as destination therapy, meaning people live with it for the rest of their lives. I'm not only grateful for this because it had a big hand in saving Kevin's life, but there are so many more out there still living with an LVAD.....and some of which I care very much about.

3 months pregnant with
the monks. Yes, I was huge.
Now moving on to my next point about modern medicine and science. Without it, the monks would not exist. Period. For me, I've always wanted a family. Kevin too. Naturally after we got married we started to "try." After a year of no luck and fed up with multiple idiot doctors who told me to just keep trying....we saw a fertility specialist. First doctor to give us some sort of hope introduced us to IVF, in vitro fertilization. Was it a fun process? No. Were we willing to go through it? Absolutely. Modern medicine and science is amazing. IVF not only helped us get pregnant, but pregnant x TWO. That's right, my little monks are twins. I couldn't be more grateful for IVF and our doctor who never gave up hope on us.

Back to Kevin. You all know he had a heart transplant (extremely grateful but that's another blog entry). And then that giant tumor joined our party, you know the one that caused his heart failure. Well, let me tell you that because of modern medicine and science we now know that said tumor was genetic. Modern medicine and science has given us the knowledge about this genetic tumor to protect the monks and any other family members that might possibly carry the gene.

my family of four living post transplant
Modern medicine and science folks. My little family of four is living proof  that modern medicine and science is alive and well. That moving forward is the wave of the future. That without it, the three most important men in my life, the three reasons for who I am today, well, they wouldn't exist. For modern medicine and science, I am truly grateful.

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