Tuesday, September 11, 2012

can you see it?

 A fellow twin mom, Maureen, came over my house last year in June, only days after Kevin was placed on the transplant list. She congratulated us and very laughingly said that we'd probably see hearts everywhere because we were waiting for one.  I could curse her but I won't because I adore Maureen. It's really quite funny and if I hadn't taken pictures of it all, you might not have believed me....

The first instance I was making sushi at home because once Kevin was transplanted there would be no more sushi for him. Anyway, I looked down at the tuna on my cutting board and giggled. It was in the shape of a heart.

The boys came home from preschool, before Kevin was transplanted, and they drew airplanes in class that day. Quinton points out in a very excited fashion "Kaeden, the window in the airplane looks like a heart!" I gotta tell ya, I had to agree with him. Can you see it? It still hangs in my kitchen to this day. I don't have the "heart" to take it down.

I had a salt craving one night, was in the process of eating an entire bag of Lay's potato chips when I went to eat one.... yes, in the shape of a heart.

October 2011, Kevin's Heartful of Love Walk. My friend Gina finds a leaf.... yes, in the shape of a heart.

Last week, Quinton is drinking milk out of a coffee mug and yells to his brother "Look! The handle on my cup is half of a heart!" Kaeden very excitedly yells back "mine too! We go together!" And if you just started following my blog, this is extra cute because they do go together. They're twins.

Two nights ago. I was annoyed that whoever used the last of the toilet paper in the bathroom didn't refill it. I grab a new roll of toilet paper and you'll never believe it..... I saw a heart. First person I told was Maureen. She laughed and told me I should start a heart blog. Is she crazy? No but I'm not starting another blog. I'll just occasionally post my pictures of hearts here.

Can you see the hearts like we did? I guess if you can't, then, it's really all about perspective. Can you blame us for seeing hearts everywhere? Our lives have revolved around hearts for nearly two years now, both pre and post transplant. And when it all comes down to it, hearts remind me of love. Call me what you will but I believe in following my heart. I believe in love.

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