Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Legoland, two visits, 14 months apart.

May 2011 visit to Legoland

The picture to the right is my family of four at Legoland in southern California.  It was taken May 2011 before Kevin was even put on the transplant list. A time that literally feels like we were in a galaxy far far away.....

July 2012 visit to Legoland

The picture to the left is us once again at Legoland but taken just a couple weeks ago. 

In looking at this picture compared to the one taken last year, I think to myself how much the four of us have grown, both physically and emotionally. The challenges we overcame and the triumphs that brought us to tears.

In a geeky Star Wars kind of way of thinking though.... In 2011 we were posed in front of the "A New Hope" Lego exhibit. Clearly hope is what we were living on. In 2012 we were posed in front of the "Empire Strikes Back" Lego exhibit, the Battle of Hoth to be exact. Yes, we battled and won with the help of our donor family....then struck back because if a failing heart couldn't stop us then a tumor wasn't going to either. 

The force is strong with my family.

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