Wednesday, July 4, 2012


In July 2006 I was about eight or nine weeks pregnant with our boys. Kevin and I went to the doctor for a routine ultrasound to make sure everything was alright and going as planned. Much to our surprise it was the day we heard both of their heartbeats. We were in awe of the little thump thump thump thumps. As I'm sure every parent reading this can absolutely relate with me when I say that the second I heard those hearts beating, I fell instantly in love twice over. 

For those that are LVAD patients or caregivers you know what the sound is when you put your head to an LVAD'ers chest. Sometimes if you're lucky you can hear the heart beating with the LVAD pumping. At night I was always able to hear the LVAD while he was sleeping. I could hear the high pitch spinning of it when Kevin entered certain rooms in our house. Our boys would always ask to listen to Daddy's LVAD and then proclaim "I hear it working. You're good Daddy."

Fast forward to July 2011, only two weeks post heart transplant. One of our boys walks into our bedroom and asks Kevin "Daddy can I listen to your new heart beating?" After the initial tears in my eyes I was lucky enough to catch it on camera. He lay there listening for about five minutes and afterwards our son was grinning from ear to ear. One of the sweetest moments post transplant. 

From time to time, our boys will ask to listen to "Daddy's heart" and Kevin's answer is always yes. I have to admit I enjoy listening to Kevin's heart beating. It actually distracts me if we're on the sofa watching TV and I'm leaning up against him...I lose sight of what we're watching and focus on the beats...thump thump thump thump.

What am I trying to say here? I think our son fell in love with Daddy's new heart just like we did when we heard his heart beating only five years earlier. 


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