Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Heartful of Love....

A week ago was our first fundraiser via HelpHopeLive (formerly NTAF). We had a virtual 5k walk where our friends and family walked at the exact same time, in honor of Kevin, in various places across the U.S. and on two continents. It was called "A Heartful of Love Walk." Everyone got people to sponsor their 5k walk, all the money raised goes directly to helping pay Kevin's medical bills post transplant. The final amount raised isn't in yet because HelpHopeLive is still receiving checks from those that walked.

This walk couldn't have come at a better time. A few days prior we had received the pathology report from the surgeon that removed Kevin's pheochromocytoma tumor. It's good news folks....... benign. We couldn't be happier and more grateful to hear the news. Sure, he's got to get checked every six months for the next ten years because these types of tumors are unpredictable...but, it was what we had hoped for. Our story of hope and love could continue on....

Now if I'm being honest it wasn't until halfway through my 5k to really take in the news that his tumor was benign. Sound odd to you? Let me try to explain. After Kevin was transplanted, it took a few hours for me to really take in what had happened...that after nine months his heart was beating on its own. I was laying down on the floor of the CSICU waiting room. My friend Linda had snapped the photo to the right of me. This time around though it took a few days for the good news  to sink in that it was almost over. (and by almost over I'm referring to his future left arm surgery being the end) It was almost the exact same feeling I had when I realized his heart was beating on its own. If I had to use only one word to describe that feeling it would have to be "calm."

Our 5k walk was in Balboa Park. The very same park where Kevin & I walked as a couple, as expectant parents, as new parents, and as a family. I chose this park for our 5k walk because of the meaning it has for us. I never thought the events of the past year would all come to one "calm" moment  during the walk. The photo to the left here was taken during my calm moment. It looks exactly as I felt at that moment. How coincidental that all of my twin mom friends who had walked every step of the way with me this past year were at my side during this moment. They were, they are, they will continue to be a staple in my life.

The actual day of the walk had meaning behind it as well. One year ago was when Kevin woke up after 11 days of not knowing. A magical moment I'll never forget. If you've been a follower of my mine, then you've read all about this moment...want to read it again? Here's the link to that blog entry: living with an lvad

In closing, I am reminded how fortunate my family is to be loved and surrounded by such wonderful people. How fortunate we are to have the support of our family and friends both near and far. How grateful we are to our donor family. How grateful I am to have Kevin, Kaeden & Quinton....and that with hope and love, anything is possible.

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